SolCoLab® Metallographic Replications

Metallographic replication is a metallical microstructure analysis technique that allows to project the residual life of the material. It is mainly used to pieces diagnosis used in energy plants, petroleum pipping, natural gas ducts and welding quality inspection.

It is considered a non-destructive technique, due to the fact it does not need a material physical sample, as it occurs in the traditional metallography. Instead of it, an exact copy of the failure is taken, which can be analysed as in field as in laboratory.

Laboratory analysis

We also prepare physical samples, whether sent by the customer or taken from our team on field.

We count on chemical analysis equipment in our laboratory, carbon content analysis, high resolution microscopy, SEM-EDS electronical microscopy, microhardness, phases counting through a metallographic software and more.

We complement our failure analysis with impact tests, coating adherence, tensile and fatigue tests, and others.

Minimum impact procedure

Our laboratory recommends for low carbon steel, a prolix and careful metallurgical grinding and polishing for finally etching with chemical solution. On the other hand, for alloys with more complex microstructures we recommend an electrolytic chemical attack, which allows us to reveal the surface to be analysed and make a metallographic replica.

We do not need to cut the piece for carrying it out to the lab for the analysis, our replication system allows us to provide results without destroying the piece.


We count on the highest-level technology in microscopies and software of metallographic analysis. Results can be share in real time with our expert team around the world, which allows us to verify our results.

Our failure analysis is carried out with metallography in laboratory or replicas taken in situ and supplemented with non-destructive tests such us Ultrasound, Penetrating inks, Magnetizable particles, Eddy current, besides UCI hardness measurement, macro, etc. If needed, metallographic replica is taken to our laboratories for a more exhaustive analysis.

Our results will allow you to detect any specific anomaly, to know the residual life of the material being observed, predict failures and planning future maintenances.


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