Non-Destructive Tests - Inspection

Strain Gauges

At SolCoLab®, we specialize in deformation analysis and determination, as well as the assessment of cutting and main efforts. We achieve this through multipoint wireless remote monitoring, enabling measurements in hard-to-reach areas, including those that are rotating or situated in regions with unfavorable temperature conditions.


PMI RFX Chemical Analysis

At SolCoLab®, we conduct chemical composition measurements of ferrous materials using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF). This method allows us to gather information rapidly, as it does not require extensive surface preparation of the area under study.

Our technology enables us to identify steel types or alloys within seconds, in accordance with international standards.

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Macro-hardness Control

We utilize macro-hardness control to assess the material's condition. At SolCoLab®, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the workpiece, mechanically characterizing it and evaluating if any treatment is required to enhance its properties.

Coating Hardness Control

At SolCoLab®, we possess micro durometers that can precisely and efficiently measure the hardness of alloys, including those with 86.10.4 tungsten carbides and 80.20 chrome.

Metallographic Replication

We understand that sampling and replication conditions are not always ideal. Tubular or curved pieces, low-light environments, or hazardous conditions at heights often hinder the proper execution of replications.

That's why at SolCoLab®, we have developed a technique that combines engineering expertise with the skill to achieve a perfect polish and etch, resulting in an excellent replication of your materials.

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At SolCoLab®, we specialize in inspecting challenging to reach cavities and holes, thanks to our advanced technology and professional team. We excel in inspections that go beyond the capabilities of the human eye.

Our equipment and techniques are particularly efficient for boroscopy in turbines, plants, and systems related to energy generation.

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Roughness Measure

Roughness is one of the most crucial parameters in coating application, whether it's metallic or epoxy coating. The quality of adhesion for these coatings is directly dependent on the roughness.


SolCoLab® has the capability to assess virtually any material or weld. Our professional staff will analyze damages or defects inside the piece using ultrasound technology.

Surface Analysis

We conduct inspections to assess surface damage caused by shocks, corrosion, cracks, breakage, pitting, bites, and scratches.

Our SolCoLab® professional team eliminates guesswork and assists in making decisions regarding maintenance, repairs, or replacement of the analyzed piece.


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