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Metallographic Analysis

Residual Life Assessment

In SolcoLab®, we use international rules and standards for calculating, with a high level of precision, the life assessment of parts and welded components, considering, as the first point of analysis, their type and the operational parameters of the equipment.

Material and Corrosion Analysis

To understand the effects that corrosion has caused in your equipments, SolcoLab® conducts analyses on nearly all ferrous materials, alloys, and welds through chemical analysis and specialized microscopy.

FAD Analysis

Our crack evaluation test enables us to determine the expected safety operation lifespan of the material and/or welding at your site or facility.

Failure Analysis

Our highly qualified professional and technical team, with extensive experience in failure analysis, will provide you with a range of potential failure causes, supported by technical, mechanical, metallurgical, and design arguments.

As SolcoLab® is an external company separate from the affected organization, we are in an ideal position to offer an objective and pragmatic assessment.

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